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I demand perfection from myself on every stage.  Similarly, I want the best tools in my hands to do the job.  And that job is winning.  I am not sponsored at all or paid to say this, but I love my EMG Open Pistol.  The gun is fit and timed to perfection.  No detail goes unnoticed.  The gun is very soft and returns fast.  I’ve never had a single problem with the gun, nor expect to.  The gun just runs and feels great.  Eddie is a great guy and is easy to work with throughout the entire build process.  I was very pleased to win my 3rd Open National Championship with an EMG.  


I am too old to demand perfection from myself onevery stage. A few stages are enough. But since my body is falling apart, I must have the best firearms to allow me to compete.

I am not sponsored at all or paid to say this, but I love my EMG Open Pistols. (Wait, I did get an EMG hat, so I'm kinda sponsored).

EMG custom guns are built to exacting standards and performed from the moment I took delivery. Eddie doesnt miss a detail. Even the pins are chamfered. I have shot my EMGs for 5 years and have never known this kind of confidence I am very pleased to have won 6 IPSC Presidents medals with my EMGs.


As a competitive shooter, the elements I need are in a custom gun are:  reliable operation, precision, feels good during recoil, and looks good. 

EMG guns deliver all of the above and more!

Eddie’s attention to detail in every aspect of the gun shows in the performance and appearance of the gun.  There is a reason why a custom gun costs more than one off the shelf.  Everything is blended, fitted, and tuned to deliver top performance.  My EMG guns are tack drivers! 

Eddie cares about every build and will follow up with you several times after the delivery to make sure the gun is performing well. that you are happy, and answer any questions that 
you may have. 

There are many choices out there for your custom guns.  Make the right choice, EMG!


Consistency, reliability and ease of use come to mind when I think of “having the right tool for the job” and being able to perform at your highest ability starts with having the best tools available.  I truly believe EMG Customs builds the best custom 2011 firearm available.  From proper weight balance, perfect timing of the gun and ease of shooting, Eddie leaves nothing on the table.  He truly puts his heart and soul into every gun he builds, and it shows when you have one in your hands.

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