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At EMG Customs we personally hand build every firearm. Attention to detail and a precise fit is a standard during the assembly process. Each firearm is assembled one at a time until completion. We do not try to streamline the building process by building multiple guns at one time. This assures uncompromised quality because of the great attention given to each part of the firearm.



We offer a 100% guarantee on our firearms against any gunsmithing flaws for the period of 1 year. Abuse, neglect, and non authorized alterations are not covered as they are beyond our control. 


At EMG Customs we hold ourselves to the highest standard in bringing you the finest quality firearm possible.  We will only use the finest components that have been tested by us.  Each part will be hand fit to the highest standard to assure quality and function. After a detailed assembly, every firearm will be tested before and after coating to verify accuracy, reliability, fit, and function.  With these standard practices we know that every firearm that leaves our shop is capable of match winning performances at any level.

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