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John Sims

USPSA Open division pistol shooter.

Having competed in multiple Optics Nationals, numerous Area matches, locals every weekend, you really learn that competing at this level is so much more than just pure physical skill.  I truly believe that to be competitive among the top shooters, you must conquer the physical aspect AND the mental aspect of the game.  After walking a stage at a national event, that needs to be burned into your brain, where to step, where to reload, how to move, how to transition the gun between shooting positions.  This all adds up in the matter of seconds.  The last thing I want to have on my mind is, is my gun going to jam on this stage?  Or I sure hope my gun doesn't jam right here because I will be cutting it close on the round count.  It is for this reason that I choose an EMG Customs 38 Supercomp.  It is built to extreme tolerance and 100% reliability, giving me the confidence that my gun is GOING to run on each and every stage.

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